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January Work Bank

March David Medalla

David Hockney

Lucian Freud

April  Wiltshire

May   Damien Hirst

June  Being Tracey

July   Cumbria: A County Guide

August London Festival

October Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood

November   The Ring of Minos

December   Two Bridges


January    Francesco Clemente

February  Edward Lucie-Smith

The Decline & Fall of the Avant-Garde

March  Kurt Schwitters

April Robert Rauschenberg

Chuck Close

July ,Photography and Art

John Dugger

October The Dance of Death

November  London Terminal

December Art, Criticism & Display


January Tracks 2014

July  Art, Poetry and WW1

September Les Berbères et Moi

Octoberber   Liverpool Biennal

Visiting Frieze Art Fair 2014

November  Between Dream and Nightmare

December  Rembrandt and Turner


February  The Private John Singer Sargent

March Leon Golub  Political Painting

Goya Between Two Worlds

May  David Hockney  Painting & Photography  Annely Juda

October Ai Weiwei

November  Through the Lens

Giacometti –Auerbach

December  Artist & Empire

 Michael Craig-Martin 

Julia Margaret Cameron


January  Paris TV: Routes and Diversions

Andy Warhol: Everyday Icons


March  Albion Journal


May Photo-London 2016

Yayoi Kusama at Victoria Miro

Jaff Koons: NOW

Newport Street Gallery

Painting with Light

Tate Britain

June  Bridget Riley

The Curve Paintings 1961-2014

Gemente Museum The Hague

Painters’ Paintings

National Gallery

July  Georgia O’Keeffe

Tate Modern

David Hockney

Royal Academy - Annely Juda


Picasso / Pollock



Painting Lives!

The Swagger Portrait to Contemporary


February Vanessa Bell

Dulwich Picture Gallery




Art . Travel . Histories . Social Studies . Studio work


Cv  October


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Painted Vistas

Cornwall to Crete


Nisyros seies 2003  panel 12 x 12”

Original recordings on cassette tape 1988-96



Crafts Designer-Makers



Carrying case one - contents

Sonia Martin 06.12.1994

Anthea Holmes 08.04.1988

Neal Brown/The Gallery Tapes 06.1984

Discuss exhibitions at the Gallery London 1973-78

John Latham 15.06.1991

‘The Story of RIO’

Conceptual art pioneer on Cage, Rauschenberg and projects in Scotland

Lisa Gough Daniels 20.04.1989

Paranjit Takhar  Colours of the Spirit 20.02.1989

Interview by Sarah Batiste

NtWest Collection at the Lothbury Gallery 11.02.1997

Courtauld Gallery John  Murdoch

On Impressionist collection 1992

Elspeth Barratt 21.06.1990

Gerard Titus Carmel   19.01.1991

at Institut Francais

Anya Patel 31.05.1995

For ‘Artists Stories’ (AN Publications)

Elizabeth Magill 30.09.1989

Rose Garrard 04.08.1994

Area of Correspondence at South London Art Gallery

Lorraine Leeson 05.1994

For Artists Stories

Maria Marshall 05.02.1990

At Odette Gilbert

Leslie Hakim-Dowek   02.1990

Herve Constant 02.1990

Riverside Artists Group  12.12.1988

Jock McFadyen 10.02.1990

Maurizio Nannucci 05.1989

At Victoria Miro

The Gallery London—interview with directors

WRVR Radio NYC interview by Anthea Lahr 02.1975

John Skelton 24.06.1989

Tam Joseph 20.10.1989

At the Showroom Bonner Rd E2

Brian Eno 03.11.1995

For Artists Stories

Alison Wilding23.06.1996

At Tannery Arts Bermondsey

Francis Bacon Seminar13.04.1994

At Kingston University

Jake Tilson  07.09.1990

Guy Noble 05.10.1992

Michael Porter  05.05.1989

Sheila Vollmer 0209.1991

At Maak Gallery West Hampstead

Marika Wenman 14.06.1988

At Old Loom House Whitechapel

Sandra Smith 03.08.1988

Interview by Sarah Batiste

David Hugo 29.05.1993

At East West Gallery Portobello

Ron Henocq  24.09.1989

At Café Gallery Southwark

Lynn Dennison 25.09.1990

At Dioramaa Arts Regents Park

Also- Randy Klein, Rebecca Price, Gillian Wearing Denis Bowen, Mariele Neudecker.

Hilary Green 19.02.1995

Dartington Crystal Devon, for Artists Stories.

Carrying case two – contents

John Cobb 04.1989

Dawn Austwick 05.03.1997

Project manager on site in Tate Modern in Construction

Cv/VAR Archive

Projects 1974-96

Art Forum at The Gallery London 02/1976

+ Jeremy Lewison, Acting head of Tate British Collection

James Turrell 06.1996

At Michael Hue-Williams

Shallow Space Constructions Roden Crater Soft Cell

Francis Bacon and the Human Body

Hayward Gallery 04.02.1998

Joanna Price  02.09.1997

Anthony Caro  27.01.1994

For Art Monthly

Art Study Plan ‘Inferno’ 18.02.1988

Student combine painting at RACC Richmond

Helen Chadwick 10.10.1989

Artist of 20th Century, Tate, 27.7.1997

Phillip King 03.04.1890

Stormy Petrels, Fire King.

Karten Knorr 06.03.1990

For Artists Stories

Jill Dunkerton Duccio and Ugolino

National Gallery London 1989

Interview by Sarah Batiste

Amikam Toren 30.09.1990

The Times Series

Hughie O’Donoghue 27.04.1989

Sleeper, The Reuturn to Earth

Rachel Whiteread08.06.1990

Ghost at Chisenhale Gallery

Wilbraham and Vaughan 20.07.1988

Fashion designers at Old Loom House Whitechapel


Carrying cast three – contents

Roddie McVittie 27.04.1988

Antique furniture restorer at Old Loom House Whitechapel

John Page  04.1988

Harp mender at Old Loom House Whitechapel

Jane Hamlyn 20.03.1995

Salt glaze ceramist

For Artists Stories

Janice Tchalenko  02.1995


For Artists Stories

Nanette Bowers-Stel 09.1988

Jeweller and Goldsmith

At the Barley Mow Centre Chiswick

Hazel Soan 01.12.1994

For Artists Stories

G.Calvert 16.02.1988

Anna Maria Hanke 27.05.1988

Author and artist at Old Loom House Whitechapel

Sara Hayward 20.10.1988

Illustrator and printmaker

J.P.Donleavy 27.02.1989

Author of the Ginger Man

Anna Mei Chadwick Chelsea

Jean Luc Olivie on Centre Du Verre  08.12.1989

Musee des Arts Decoratifs Paris

Francis Graham-Dixon 05.10.1989

Richard La Trobe Bateman 18.02.1995

Furniture maker and bridge builder

For Artists Stories

Marie O’Mahoney 06.02.1995

Tapestry maker

For Artists Stories

Josephine Jackson 16.02.1989

Ceramist in Raku

Interview by Sarah Batiste

Ann Vose 22.04.1988

Milliner and belt maker at Old Loom House Whitechapel

Theatre Museum 1989

Leela Meinertas and Sarah Woodcock

Interview by Sarah Batiste

Deborah Duffin 1991

Adam Gallery


Two DVDs mastered from original recordings

Published October 2016

ISBN 9781910110430

Cv Journal of the Arts1988-91

Eleven issues scanned to a DVD

Released 10/2016