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Cover: John Keats by Joseph Severn 1793 to 1879. c.1822 National Portrait Gallery


The Poets

Anatomy of Imagination


Forthcoming September 2022


Kindle Edition, Paperpack and Audiobook

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John Keats . Charles Lamb . Robert Southey . Lord Byron . Thomas De Quincy . William Wordsworth . Dorothy Wordsworth . John Clare . Mary Shelley . Percy Bysshe Shelley . Anne Radcliffe . Joanna Baillie . Charlotte Bronte . William Blake . Samuel Taylor Coleridge . William Hazlitt



Romanticism (also known as the Romantic movement or Romantic era) was an artistic, literary, musical, and intellectual movement that originated in Europe towards the end of the 18th century, and in most areas was at its peak in the approximate period from 1800 to 1850. Romanticism was characterized by its emphasis on emotion and individualism, idealization of nature, suspicion of science and industrialization, and glorification of the past with a strong preference for the medieval rather than the classical.[1] It was partly a reaction to the Industrial Revolution,[2] the social and political norms of the Age of Enlightenment, and the scientific rationalization of nature.[3] It was embodied most strongly in the visual arts, music, and literature, but had a major impact on historiography,[4] education,[5] chesssocial sciences, and the natural sciences.[6] It had a significant and complex effect on politics, with romantic thinkers influencing conservatismliberalismradicalism, and nationalism.

Cv Publications 1987 to 2022  Audio, print & kindle editions Cv editor > The Gallery 1973-78 click title links to view >

1987 Depart From Zero Development of The Gallery London 1988-91 Cv Journal of Art and Crafts quarterly review Crafts Directory Small Histories Studies of Western Art Curators and Collections 1997 Tracks Career Paths UK 2005-08 Artist monographs James Turrell Alison Wilding Eduardo Paolozzi Rachel Whiteread

2012 January Work Bank March David Medalla David Hockney Lucian Freud Monumenta Anish Kapoor April Wiltshire May Damien Hirst A Retrospective June Being Tracey July Cumbria: A County Guide August London Festival October Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood Cahill/Lucie-Smith November The Ring of Minos

2013 January Francesco Clemente James Cahill February Edward Lucie-Smith The Decline & Fall of the Avant-Garde March Kurt Schwitters Anne Blood April Robert Rauschenberg Cahill/James Chuck Close Lucie-Smith July Photography and Art Marina Vaizey/Anne Blood John Dugger October The Dance of Death Lucie-Smith December Art, Criticism & Display

2014 January Tracks 2014 July Art, Poetry and WW1 Lucie-Smith September Les Berberes et Moi Magdalena Wasiura October Liverpool Biennal November Between Dream and Nightmare Kiefer, Polke, Richter Modern German Art Marina Vaizey December Rembrandt and Turner Edward Lucie-Smith

2015 February The Private John Singer Sargent Lucie-Smith March Leon Golub Political Painting Goya Between Two Worlds Lucie-Smith October Ai Weiwei November Through the Lens Marina Vaizey Giacometti/Auerbach December Artist & Empire Michael Craig-Martin Julia Margaret Cameron

2016 July Georgia O Keeffe September Picasso/Pollock:the European Vanguard versus American Modernism Edward Lucie-Smith

2017 May Painted Lives David Hockney . Vanessa Bell Marina Vaizey October Aspects of Jasper Johns 

2018 September/October William Blake Tate Britain Frieze Masters London Beautiful and Determined: Pre-Raphaelite Sisters National Portrait Gallery November Nam June Paik Tate Modern Antony Gormley Royal Academy December London Review Museums and Galleries 2019

2019 Anselm Kiefer White Cube Bermondsey My Country V1 Cornwall Norfolk Cumbria Wiltshire My Country V2 Oxfordshire GloucestershireBuckinghamshire PicnMix:Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

2020 January Picasso Pathology: Drawings and Graphic Work Richard Artschwager February David Bomberg Magnetic Outsider David Hockney Drawing From Life March Colour My Day: Andy Warhol Art Design & Society The Book of Women Figure Studies Book of the City Journals 1966-2019

April Book of The Gallery Projects Between Artists Painted Vistas Book of the landscape Aspects of London and Oxford May/June/July/August  Aubrey Beardsley by Edward Lucie-Smith Seminar on The Gallery recorded at Flat Time House October 2019 audio here Photo Works 1972-2020 Titian at the National Gallery Andy Warhol at Tate Modern Review of Tate Britain by Edward Lucie-Smith The Art World The Lives of Others Marina Vaizey September/October Artemesia Gentileschi at the National Gallery London. Lucy Skaer at Bloomberg Space. Damien Hirst: Early Works Newport Street Gallery. November/December  Marina Vaizey:Visible Women 1 Barbara Hepworth/Bridget Riley

2021 January/February Richard Hamilton Cristea Roberts ; Marina Vaizey Visible Women Rachel Whiteread, Cornelia Parker, Tracey Emin.; Damien Hirst: Mental Escapology St. Moritz March Sculptors Discourse; Nash; Caro; Brisley; Paolozzi; King; Randall-Page; Arman; Turrell; Wilding; Whiteread. Gods and Goddesses-Conversation with Figures; April Painters On PaintingMorag Ballard Nicola Bealing Claudia Carr Brian Clarke Jim Dine Luke Frost Leslie Hakim-Dowek Anthea Holmes Rachel Howard Ben Johnson; Tam Joseph Ansel Krut Christopher Le Brun Jock McFadyen Elizabeth Magill Therese Oulton Michael Porter Rebecca Price June Redfern Nikola Savic Terry Setch Louise Sheridan Paramjit Takhar Gerard Titus-Carmel Geoff Uglow Lara Viana Jonathan Yeo May Damien Hirst Takeover Gagosian Britannia Street David Hockney The Arrival of Spring, Normandy Royal Academy Yayoi Kusama Mirror Infinity Rooms Tate Modern Ugo Rondinone Sadie Coles HQ

June Rodin Tate Modern, Rosalind Nashishibi National GalleryJuly/August/September Richard Estes Newport Street Gallery Paula Rego Tate Britain October/November/December Lee Ufan Lisson Gallery Late Constable Royal Academy Hogarth and Europe Tate Britain Nicola Hicks Flowers Gallery

2022 January/February/March  Cv hardback editions: David Medalla, John Singer Sargent, Vermeer and the Transfixed Moment, Between Dream and Nightmare, Modern German Art, Damien Hirst Retro, Picasso/Pollock, John Constable, Interviews-Artists, Sculptors Discourse, Painters on Painting. Van Gogh Self Portraits Courtauld Gallery. , Eric Adjei Tawiah Gallery 1957 Keith Cunningham Newport Street Gallery April/May/June Anatomy of Violence Francis Bacon and the Human BodyCountry House Collections Estates of Art July Lubeina Himid Tate Modern Cornelia Parker at Tate Britain August/September The Poets Anatomy of Imagination John Keats . Charles Lamb . Robert Southey . Lord Byron . Thomas De Quincy . William Wordsworth . Dorothy Wordsworth . John Clare . Mary Shelley . Percy Bysshe Shelley . Anne Radcliffe . Joanna Baillie . Charlotte Bronte . William Blake . Samuel Taylor Coleridge . William Hazlitt


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