Text Box: Painted Lives Volume Two: The Swagger Portrait to Today   November 2017

Following her study Painted Lives: David Hockney and Vanessa Bell, published in July Marina Vaizey explores examples of the portrait in art from Gainsborough and John Singer Sargent to Alice Neel and the present day. The book is fully illustrated in quarto format.

The portrait in paint - the painted portrait - has not only unexpectedly survived but flourished in the rapidly changing milieu of the art world.  In the history of art, the lineage of the self portrait has proved full of character and surprising insight, but from the turn of the last century the nature of the portrait in general in the hands of outstanding artists has changed substantially, from the so called swagger portrait, the depiction of either stereotypes, genre, the anonymous - or the great and the good - to the searing depictions of individual character across a wide spectrum of society, from artists' models to family and friends.  Expressionism in particular is characterised by a kind of savage affection, a determination to show things as they are, painting so to speak from the inside out.  This survey starts with amazingly successful society artists, such as John Everett Millais and John Singer Sargent, and turns to the new insights provided by the Viennese school from the ornamentations of Klimt and the passion of Schiele, moving on to the heirs of the these new insights: from Otto Dix to Lucian Freud.  Painting not only lives, it shows us lives.  MV
ISBN 9781908419477  25th November 2017 16.99
Text Box: Renowned artist Lucian Freud (1922-2011) is commemorated in an exhibition of portraits and fifure studies spanning his working life, held at The National Portrait Gallery London from February to May 2012. The monograph explores the development of his art from the potent and hyper-sensed studies of the 1940s to major paintings in the later phase, where the artist engaged in a complex and sometimes brutal meditation on the human being,  drawn from an intimate engagement with the sitter. Freud’s unsparing eye maps his subjects, sustaining single handed an almost unique commitment to the ambitions of classic high art, grounded in the canons of Western tradition. The monograph also reviews Freud’s drawings, exhibited at Blain|Southern Gallery.

Authors: Marina Vaizey and Nicholas James 

Format: 250 Height  x 300 Width; 54pp: Colour ill.  Keywords  Lucian Freud BIC Classification AGB
Print  ISBN  978-1-908419-33-0  GBP  14 .99

Cv/VAR 104 Reviews David Hockney RA:A Bigger Picture exhibited at The Royal Academy. The project of creating monumental landscape paintings was based on a small area near the artists home at Bridlington in East Yorkshire. Works developed with time-framed films, photographs, i-pad studies, drawings, sketchbooks, oils and watercolours. recording particular motifs and places in the changing seasons. Studies were enlarged on joined canvases in compositions up to 32 feet wide, designed to immerse the viewer in an intense experience of the landscape.The monograph includes exhibition reviews by James Cahill and Michael Lovell-Pank + reviews of recent catalogues and books on the artist by Marco Livingstone, Martin Gayford and Christopher Simon Sykes by Marina Vaizey.


210x148mm, 50pp, colour ill. Keywords David Hockney BIC Classification AF

ISBN 978-1908419-26-2 GBP 14.99

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