Text Box: Cv/VAR 149   The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood   James Cahill, Edward Lucie-Smith.

Explores the development of the Pre-Raphaelite movement in the mid 19th century, with works which figure amongst the most lasting and generally propular in British art. Renowned writer and art critic Edward Lucie-Smith contributes a study of the individual artists, their interconnection and previously unpublished material of their intricate links with the social  establishment of the time. Writer James Cahill has a special interest in the movement having studied Dante Gabriel Rosetti and Holman Hunt. He reviews the major exhibition of 150 works atTate Britain from September to January 2012-13. 

Format: 250x200mm, 48pp, colour ill Keywords Pre-Raphaelite  BIC Classification AGB
Print ISBN  978-1-908419-38-5  GBP  16.99  
Published 12th October 2012
Text Box: Cv/VAR 152  Edward Lucie-Smith: Uncollected Writings - Studies of Western Art   .
An anthology of essays and reviews by the eminent art historian and writer Edward Lucie-Smith. Born 1933 in Jamaica he studied at Oxford University, making his mark as an a broadcaster on the radio programme, The Critics, in the 1950s. A regular columnist for The Listener and other papers his landmark books on modern art for Thames and Hudson and Phaidon have become standard works, with several titles still in print. His essays range from studies of the Renaissance, Rubens, Velązquez to Surrealism, with William Hogarth, John Constable and John Everett Millais for British art. The reader is swept on a journey of perception, which identifies the strands that bind the continuum of Classic and Contemporary Art.  Sixteen further essays are published as an ibook in February 2013 on the occasion of the author’s 80th birthday.

Format: 250 x 200mm, 120pp, 16 colour ill.  Keywords Lucie-Smith  BIC Classification AGB
Print ISBN  978-1-908419-45-3  GBP  16.99  Ebook 978-1908419-46-0  GBP 7.99  25th September

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Cornwall to Crete: Painted Vistas

1.500 paintings by Philip James ROI explore interpretations of the natural landscape. 2002-03 The Cornish Series ;The Gloucester Series; The Oxford Series;The York Series; The Santa Monica Series; The Malaga Series; The Lodore Series; The Amberley Series; The Manaton Series;The Lincoln Series; The Dartford Series; The Salisbury Series; The Tamar Series; The Nisiros Series; The Jura Series; 02/2006 The Manchester Series;The Liverpool Series;The Edinburgh Series; The Tavistock Series. 2013-16 Bowerchalke; Elyerwater; Morval; Glaramara; Fell Side; Port Isaac Stand, Connemara Series.

9781910110300 250 x 200mm 120pp 1,500 colour ill. BIC  AF GBP 17.99