Text Box: London Terminal. Author Edward Lucie-Smith tours the Frieze contemporary art fair and Frieze Masters 2013: a key event in the international calendar with 150 exhibiting galleries representing 7,500 artists.An eminent scholar and historian of art and antiquities, Edward Lucie-Smith brings the weight of his experience to a detailed assessment of work and trends represented by the selected galleries operating at the forefront of the art world.

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Text Box: Scenes from the Gallery   documents works exhibited at The Gallery 65a Lisson Street 1973-78 with additional series developed by Cv/Visual Arts Research. The volume contains comprehensive illustrations, technical descriptions, artists notes and quotations with critical assessments of the art and events. The folio focuses on modular photo-display stands produced in 1974 to 1976 that carried works often of a documentary and political nature. Projects devised between artists included leading figures in international contemporary art: John Latham, Rita Donagh, Stephen Willats, Vaughan Grylls, Gerald Newman, Jonathan Miles. Historical texts and critical assessments place the art and events within the context of emerging tendencies;the cultural base and ideas from which they formed. 

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Art, Poetry and WW1 Edward Lucie-Smith In this study 'Art, Poetry and WW1, by Edward Lucue-Smith of writing, poetry and painting In the Centenary Year of the outbreak of the First World War the author considers the historical impact on the general psyche of the calamitous events, reflected in the expression of poets and visual artists. The volume includes Eric Kennington, CRW Nevinson, John Singer Sargent, William Orpen, Stanley Spencer and Paul Nash; and writers Siegfried Sassoon, Isaac Rosenberg, Wilfred Owen, Edward Thomas and T.S. Eliot. In Europe the painters: Otto Dix, Max Beckman, Franz Marc, Gino Severini, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Ludwig Meidner. He establishes a continuity to the theme with reference to works by Velazquez, Watteau, Goya and others, in their treatment of the spectacle of battle and the horrors of human conflictt


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