Text Box: Cv/VAR Series 177 publishes a study by Edward Lucie-Smith of the leading American artist Chuck Close. (b.1940) Finding his early impetus in the photorealistic works by Richard Estes, as well as the surface shocks of Jackson Pollock's 'Tachiste' paintings, Chuck Close developed his own, highly resolved 'heads' (his preferred term to portraits), which are worked on a massive scale. Close is as much preoccupied with process as description, charting an intricate exchange between painting and the pixellated images of his subjects. Despite suffering a disabling spinal aneurism in 1988, the artist has continued to forge a monumental body of work in a variety of media: paintings, drawings, prints and photographs, of potent and original effect.

Format: paper, 300gsm cover, perfect bound; 150 x 200mm, 36pp  8 colour ill. BIC AGB  Keywords Chuck Close  Published 25th April 2013

ISBN 978-1-908419-67-5  GBP 14.99

Cv/VAR 146 reviews the work of Damien Hirst (b.Bristol 1965) presented in a retrospective exhibition spanning twenty years, held at Tate Modern, April to September 2012. It explores the development of his art from the controversial animal vitrines and beautiful butterfly composites to an extensive series of spot paintings, where the artist engaged in a complex invigilation of coded systems that govern daily existence. It encounters the Fly series, a previously unseen installation One Thousand Years 1991, and For The Love of God, the celebrated diamond studded skull.


James Cahill, Marina Vaizey, Nicholas James


Format: 250 x 200mm, 50pp, Ill. Keywords Damien Hirst BIC Classification AGB May 2012


Print ISBN 978-1908419-34-7 GBP 4.99

Cv/VAR 161 publishes a collection of essays and reviews by the eminent art historian and writer, Edward Lucie-Smith. The articles cover the broad span, of 20th/21st century art and its progression by pathways of postmodernism to contemporary art. With the experience of his landmark publications on modern art, several of which remain in print; the author introduces the reader to aspects of cultural mechanics, from the outset of creative experiment and intervention, absorbed by an intricate arena of curatorship and collection, with luminous insights to flaws in its hierarchy and prospects for the future.


ISBN 978-1- 908419-52-1  GBP16.99 Format: 200 x 140mm 136pp, colour inserts.

BIC AFC Keywords Decline Fall Published 27th February 2013

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