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Text Box:  In Cv/VAR 106  David Medalla (b. The Philippines 1942) gives an extensive interview in which he discusses  his advent to the literary and art scenes of Paris and London at a significant point of change in 1960. He recalls his introduction in Paris by Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp, Raymond Duncan and Gaston Bachelard, who admired his original kinetic sculpture, The Bubble Machine. Arriving in London in 1963  he joined Paul Keeler to operate Signals Gallery, exhibiting European and South American artists such as  Jesus Rafael Soto and Vassilakis Takis, in groundbreaking manifestations. Medalla went on to form the Exploding Galaxy, the seedbed of performance art, based in a house at North London's Balls Pond Road. A protean spirit of wide influence over five decades as a poet and visionary creator, Medalla has continued his extraordinary path. Following a recent show in Berlin at ’Another Vacant Space’, Medalla is included in 'Migrations' a survey of artists from Hans Holbein to Sonia Boyce, from January to August at Tate Britain.

Print ISBN 978-1-908419-29-3  GBP 22.00 (mixed media pack– monograph & DVD audio)
Ebook       978-1-908419-74-3  GBP 14.99  (ibookstore/Barnes & Noble), Amazon Prime
Text Box: Being Tracey: Life into Art  Marina Vaizey reviews an exhibition of works by Tracey Emin, opened at Turner Contemporary in  May 2012. Titled ‘She Lay Down Deep Beneath the Sea’: It explores will themes of love and emotion that score the artist’s work, including drawings, monoprints, sculptures, tapestries, embroideries and neon sculptures.

Format:  250x200mm, 50pp, Ill. colour
Keywords Tracey Emin  BIC Classification AGB
Print ISBN  978-1908419-35-4 GBP 14.99  Ebook 978-1908419-56-9  GBP 7.99   

Text Box: London Festiva: Events in the Cultural Olympiad 
Cv/VAR 151 reviews events in the London Festival of the Cultural Olympiad. Writer Alexandra James visits a variety of exhibitions, music and performance, staged through July 2012, witnessing a range of creative voices drawn from the international arena. Features: Compagnie Carabosse . STREB Extreme  Action Company .  Oliafur Eliasson . BT Big Dance & River of Music . Asia Stage . Art Drive - BMW . Tino Sehgal and Rio Occupation . Martin Creed + Events Diary.
Alexandra James is a writer with a background in theatrical production. She wrote 'The Crimson Conquests', which was produced in 2008 at The Barons Court Theatre and she has also produced and directed various productions, including Strindberg's 'Miss Julie'.She is currently working on her first novel while studying English and Creative Writing at Royal Holloway, University of London.  
Format: 250x200mm, 50pp, Ill. colour  Keywords London Festival  BIC Classification AF
Print ISBN  978-1908419-42-2 GBP 14.99  Ebook 978-1908419-60-6  GBP 5.99

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